The new Motorola Droid 3 is a 3G phone and has a quite slick design. The phone has a separate slide keyboard in QWERTY layout and hats off to Motorola for fitting the keyboard and the screen in such less thickness. The phone’s camera is another plus, as it is upgraded to 8-MP from its previous versions. The Android Gingerbread also makes the phone a really gettable phone.

The phone’s design is very slick and is similar to the previous versions i.e. the rectangular brick like shape. A newer design could have been better and had played a proper part in attracting customers.  The phone stands 4.9 inches in height and 2.5 inches wide. The thickness is just 0.5 inches including the keyboard, which is a remarkable feat by Motorola and they claim that the Droid 3 is actually the slimmest phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. The phone is just 5.9 ounces and it feels like a well build solid device while holding the phone.


The display is 4 inch qHD, but the problem is that the sub pixels are distributed in such a manner that the images are not very sharp. The pixel resolution is 960 x 540 and it makes the display a little better. The touch screen is quite responsive and so are the accelerometers. There are four touch sensitive buttons for the home, menu, search and back shortcuts.

The spines of the phone accommodate quite a few buttons and ports. The volume control is on the right while the HDMI port and the Micro-USB port are on the left, the power button and the 3.5mm headset jack is at the top. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated camera key .The state of the art 8-MP camera is at the back, which allows 1080p HD recording. Also, the nice thing to notice about the battery lid of the phone is textured, which helps to make a firm grip on the phone. There is an LED flash at the back as well.

The QWERTY layout keyboard is a nice addition to the phone. The keys of the keyboard are quite roomy and there are separate numeric buttons, so there is no need to press ALT key. The keys are non-slippery and are bumpy so that the texting is easy. There is a separate touch keyboard available on the screen as well.


The phone is running with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The Motoblur custom user interface is present that makes the use of the phone easier the custom interface is also used to customize the home screens. There is a dock available at the bottom of the touch screen to load for of your favourite apps’ shortcuts. The app menu is available in a grid formation. The phone has the Verizon apps as well that include V Cast music and Videos.

The phone has the 1GHz Texas Inst. dual-core processor and 512 MB memory. The phone is powered by a 1540 mAh lithium ion battery which gives the talk time of 9 hours. With its powerful camera and the interesting Verizon’s apps, the mobile is a very nice deal at $199.99.

Getting Hold Of Gaming Computers


The experience of playing can be enhanced to a great degree with the help of proper machine or device. It may sound easy but the gaming consoles can be pretty expensive to buy, so it is always a good option to buy the latest gaming computers. This ensures that your computer is updated to the latest industry requirements and also that you can have a wonderful time playing the games. The new age games are pretty demanding when it comes to performance. Not only does a person need a high speed processor but also a pretty good graphics card which would ensure that all the games work smoothly. The ergonomics and form factor of the computer also has to be good so as to ensure smooth working.

Gaming Computers 2

There are so many factors one needs to have a look at while buying the latest gaming computers. Some of the important features that one needs to look after are the processor speed, the cooling system, RAM, motherboard, storage of the hard disk etc. Apart from all this the service provided by the company is also another important feature that one cannot ignore. The latest gaming computers must have all the above points as a minimum requirement. At the end one also needs to have a look at the price tag of the computer. There is no point in getting a gaming computer which burns a hole in your pocket. So it is always advisable to go through computers of several manufacturers and fix one that suits you.

Gaming Computers

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Best Processors For Gaming


Gaming is such an enterprise which requires high amount of performance and for that to happen the core of a computer must be really very strong. In a game, thousands of operations keep on running per second which requires a very fast and reliable processor. A processor required for normal purposes and one for gaming are slightly different on a few factors such as the processor speed, the cycles, cache etc. With every increasing year the gaming world and thus the world of computers is also undergoing lots of changes. This means that every year the chances of getting a better processor get pretty high. The year 2012 has been pretty eventful in the same respect as several companies have launched products that would take the processor stream by a storm.

Best Processors For Gaming 2

There are quite a few lists for the best processor for gamins 2012 but there are few processors which make it to the top of all of them. From the house of Intel comes the very impressive Core i7. This is often regarded as the second generation processor and has been brilliant in its performance. The processor features in the list of best processor for gaming 2012 and also the best processor for other functions as well. Similarly from the manufacturing house of AMD comes the FX-4170 which is very promising and is performing decently as well. So if you are looking for the best processor for gamins 2012 then you might want to consider your requirement and select one as per that.

Best Processors For Gaming

Alienware From Dell


Games have become an integral part of life of most of the people nowadays. They are no more restricted to only the male section as several games can be played and enjoyed by both men and women. However the modern day games are pretty demanding and one needs to have a good machine on hand to be able to play these games. Dell has always been known for coming up with brilliant and surprising products and the latest comes in the form of Alienware. Alienware laptops from Dell comes with features that can excite any game lover, as a matter of fact these laptops have the capability to even take non-game lovers by surprise. Alienware laptops are even more special because of the fact that one can customize them as per their wish.

Alienware From Dell 2

One gets a chance to customize even the most basic to the extended features of a laptop with the help of Alienware laptops. One might think this would turn out to be an expensive enterprise, but in reality it is not. One can easily compare the specifications of Alienware laptops with the other ones with similar specifications and you will be amazed that you might get a cheaper deal. Apart from the great design and illuminated keypad and flip of the laptop, one can even get their names engraved on the laptop. This is a feature that attracts more people towards Alienware laptops. The gaming laptop is sure to provide you with an experience of a lifetime.

Alienware From Dell

A Good Motherboard


Any person with the slightest knowledge of computers would know that the motherboard is the most essential part of the same. It happens to be the central console from which other peripherals are connected and also the place where the majority of the functions are carried out. It is on the motherboard that the processor chip is mounted. Thus one can understand the importance of the motherboard to the computer. Thus a good motherboard allows for better functions and also new additions to be made. The latest computer motherboards not only help the processor to perform better but also help them integrate and get started without any sorts of delay. The latest computer motherboards do not even need you to install the operating system as the same is just copied down from the previous model.

motherboard 2

There are several players in the market of latest computer motherboards and thus one has to choose wisely from the same. The reason is that the expectation from computer varies from person to person and thus the demand of the motherboard. You can opt for a sturdy motherboard that has pretty low chances to falling to trouble or getting damaged. On the other hand you can also look for an economical version if you do not wish to use your computer too much. The most sensible choice would be to get the motherboard of the same make as the processor. This ensures highest and also the best performance as they both know what to expect out of each other.


Thread Revolutionizes Mobile Caller ID


iPhone application development firm based in London.

Not sure why someone is calling you? Don’t even remember who the person is? Meet your personal cheat sheet, Thread.

Thread has been designed to completely revolutionize the incoming call screen. When a call is received, the screen transforms into a customizable “thread” of recent communications. The callers latest Facebook and Twitter posts, as well as his or her most recent text and email correspondences, are displayed, giving you an idea as to why they might be calling. This free app is currently available for Android, with iOS support expected this summer.

The design is simple enough: a scrollable screen that displays the aforementioned pieces of content in color coded boxes. You can continue to view the content even after answering the phone call as well. This video will showcase the design and highlight some of the features.

Perhaps where this app truly excels is in the contacts section. Thread turns your mundane list into an all-encompassing social media rolodex. Select a contact and browse the content boxes on the top of the screen to instantly view contacts’ Facebook and Twitter feeds without opening a separate application. It is fully interactive, as well. Like, comment and re-tweet to your heart’s desire. All of your SMS and email exchanges are visible within the app as well.

Thread, currently in beta, consolidates the four apps into one but looks to integrate other networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Evernote in the near future.

The incoming call screen is a rare, untapped market in mobile phones. Thread just makes things interesting, though. While the screen is the more unique feature, the real selling point will likely be the upgraded contacts list. Once the kinks of the beta version are worked out, Thread will make a big splash.

Electronic Cigarettes: FAQs

While electronic cigarettes have been around in mainstream circles for several years now, in the grand scheme of things they are pretty new to many consumers. Many smokers have already tried out these products in a bid to either substitute their regular cigarettes or to enjoy alongside their standard cigarettes. However, many others are a little dubious about trying them because they feel they don’t know a great deal about them and they are confused about how they work and what eliquid is.

With the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, there is now a wider range of information available about these products. This means that those who are not sure whether or not electronic cigarettes are right for them can get further information simply by heading online and making use of the wide range of resources now available to help consumers make more informed decisions about these products. The variety of information and resources available these days will make it easier for consumers to learn more about the benefits of electronic cigarettes as well as what to look for, the options available, and more.

Some Common Questions About Electronic Cigarettes

Below are a number of commonly asked questions about electronic cigarettes.

What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is also known as an e-cigarette. These devices are designed to look like regular cigarettes but are actually solid in construction. In short, they use a rechargeable battery and cartridges that contain a combination of ingredients and flavours including propylene glycol, glycerin and nicotine. When you puff on the cigarette a mist of vapor resembling cigarette smoke is produced.

Are Electronic Cigarettes An Alternative To Tobacco Products?

Electronic cigarettes are used in different ways by different people. Some use them as an alternative to regular cigarettes while others decide to use them in addition to the real deal. This is a decision that has to be down to the individual –by using it as an alternative you can certainly save money due to the high cost of cigarettes.

Why Do People Use E-Cigarettes?

There are many different reasons why people use e-cigarettes. While they are not officially a means to weaning yourself off regular cigarettes, some people use them in this way because they provide similar sensations and enable users to hold and smoke the device just as they would a regular cigarette. Others use them because of the ability to use them indoors, which is no longer allowed with regular cigs.

How Similar Is The Experience To Smoking An E-Cig Compared To A Real One?

In some respects, the experience is similar. However, this is in relation to the way you hold the e-cig, the fact that you inhale the vapour, and the overall sensation of holding and smoking a cigarette. The e-cig is actually far heavier than the real thing, does not have the smell of tobacco and does not taste like tobacco. So, while there are some similarities there are also big differences.

How Safe Is Smoking An E-Cigarette?

Due to e-cigs being relatively new to the market, it can be difficult to categorically suggest whether they are safe or not. Many experts have said that further clinical trials are required before the safety of these devices can be assessed properly.

Do All E-Cigs Look Like Regular Ones?

Many e-cigarettes on the market have been designed to look like the real thing. However, there are also many other models that do not look like real cigarettes. These are available in a range of designs enabling consumers to choose ones that suit their taste, reflect their personality or complement other accessories they have.

For those who want to find out more about electronic cigarettes, it is well worth doing some indepth research online before making a purchase.

If you’re interested in trying electronic cigarettes but want to know more about how they work then this article should answer all of your questions.

Mark Lester recently bought an e cigarette starter kit from I Fancy One and now he’s converted to electronic cigarettes while he tries to cut down.


Has HTC got what it takes to take over from Apple?

HTC  was founded in 1997 on the premise of customer-focused innovation in technology. It became one of the most popular OEMs for mobile phones and soon produced them under its own brand name. Their products include smartphones and tablets which incorporate Android and Windows Phone OSs. A recent player in the smartphone world, HTC has made inroads in the market which others envy, but are they ready to take on the big boys from Apple?

Smartphone wars

Apple’s reputation for producing up-market, high-status but above all innovative products culminated in its iPhone which was launched in 2007 and is now in its sixth generation. It is a product that is loved the world over for its tactile interface and deceptively simple user experience. The evolution of the iPhone has held the world in thrall as each generation has been revealed, with more functionality, capabilities and technological advances in each new version. However, Apple now have a rival.

HTC have stormed into the smartphone market like Lord Byron’s Assyrians with their range which includes the recently-launched HTC One which is designed to out-Apple Apple. With its reputation for constant innovation and products designed around the customer’s needs, HTC is increasing its market share exponentially and as newer models become available more and more if you are choosing to sell your HTC online here to keep up with this fast-paced market.

Compare and contrast

With the recent release of HTC’s One, we take a look at what it can offer you in comparison with Apple’s iPhone to help you decide which one is best for you. While there’s not much between them in terms of size or weight, the two smartphones are both stunningly designed to reflect the aesthetic expectations of today’s design-conscious mobile users.

It is clear that the designers of both have been hard at work to produce a visually-pleasing and tactile device. The One is larger and heavier than the iPhone and has a bigger screen with higher resolution.

Both phones have very different operating systems. Apple’s based on its closed IOS and HTC on their customisable Android. The Android system is based on Google’s Jelly Bean which, while offering a friendly cross-platform environment with rapid developmental opportunities, does make it vulnerable to certain apps which can compromise the phone’s integrity. Apple’s OS, on the other hand, is very secure thanks to its closed ecosystem approach.

In terms of still photography, video and sound personal choice will determine which of the two smartphones you prefer, as both offer exceptional photography, video quality and tonally-accurate sound playback. If accessing the internet is important to you, both the iPhone and the One offer you 4G LTE connectivity – the One with its custom-developed browser and the iPhone with Apple’s Safari, which does not support Adobe Flash and may hinder your enjoyment of some websites and games.

In conclusion, it is a close call between the new kid on the block and the re-evolving favourite. HTC’s company point of view is to ‘champion the customer, accelerate simple, human design, innovate through collaboration and empower the personal experience’ and we are now seeing the fruits of their loving labours in the palm of our hand.